January 17, 2020
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Tips To Keep Your Car in Top Condition During Winter

Photo by Yucel Moran on Unsplash

Many parts of the world who have 4 seasons to go through will have to take note of many things to ensure that their lives, properties, and other assets are covered and well-taken cared of. That also includes the vehicles that you use in a daily basis, regardless of the season.

It is very important to keep your car in top condition at all times so that it can weather any changes in season and harsh elements that nature brings. Here are some tips to keep you car in top shape during winter time to avoid any mishaps, and costly repairs.

Check/replace worn out and lose wiper blades

Photo by Thibault Valjevac on Unsplash

Wiper blades can damage your windscreen especially during winter time when many residues gets on the windscreen. Loose wiper blades may show streaks on your windscreen and it is time to ditch them and replace with new ones. However, do not use your wiper right away when clearing the snow from your windscreen if you have parked outside. Use an ice scraper and gently remove the ice from the windscreen.

Check your battery

The cold temperature takes a toll on any vehicle’s engine. Cold temperature makes it hard for the battery to crank and release its power. Take your car to a battery professional so they can check it and recommend the best battery for winter.

Check the car oil

Even oil can turn very, very viscous when temperature drops. Check your car’s manual and see its recommendations for cold winter driving.

When having your car engine checked, make sure that you ask your car repair man to use engine oil that is also best during winter season. Usually, these engine oils will have “W” mark on its viscosity index. That means, it is formulated for cold season.

Check your tires

Photo by Clément M. on Unsplash

All-season tires are great bet for driving on winter season. Do not wait until winter has set before you have your tires checked and changed. When you can have it changed as early as you can, avail of special offers to ensure you get the right set of tires to use when driving on snowy conditions.

Save important car repair or automotive lifts company number in your phone

Keep a car repair company in your contacts and it may come in handy when you need to have your car checked before driving on a harsh winter condition. It is best to always be prepared when out and about especially on an icy, or slippery road. And if you need to park your car in a tight quarter during winter and will need car lift experts, check the services of Best Buy Auto Equipment to help you select the best auto lift for your vehicle.

Having these important numbers stored at your phone that you can call when an emergency arise or you need a quick fix will save you cost in the long run, and it will also save your car’s engine and chassis’ life.

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