February 16, 2020

Can You Resign Without Any Savings Or Other Source Of Income?

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I will be tackling this intriguing topic because I know, a lot of you may be playing with the idea of quitting your 9-5 job and just start afresh one or pursue something that makes you happy. There’s a caveat though – you have no savings or money, and there is no other source of income aside from your day job. What do you do?

There are many factors to consider before you can make that final decision about your career. Given the scenarios above and if you will be practical and sensible, then the answer is NO.

Why NO? (And this is my opinion while other people and experts out there may have their own)


It is stressful to lose a job, let alone quit a job without any money or other back up plan. Do not compound the stress level by piling big stressors like unemployment, no savings nor money, possibility of being evicted from your home or apartment if you are only renting, piling of bills/debts due to lack of income source. These are just a few stressors that may even lead to affecting your health.

Not practical so extend your patience

I know this is easier said than done but you have to do this for now until you save enough money to be able to support yourself (and your family if you are married or helping out elder parents) while you are unemployed.

Extending your patience to a point where you need to filter out negative emotions and thoughts will help you deal with the day to day hustle and bustle of your 9-5 job. It is not easy but it is doable. Focus your energy on saving as much as you can with your salary so that you don’t think of the bad stuff.

Your unhappiness and frustration is temporary

This too will pass. I always tell myself that and I am sharing that mantra to you. Nothing is permanent and change is the only permanent thing in this world. I know it is tough to push yourself to work for that company or job you hate but you have to stick to your goal to save first and when you are able, then you jump ship. Right now, learn to deal with your emotions rationally. There is nothing wrong with following your heart but remember the circumstances you are in why you cannot follow it just right now. You don’t want to find yourself stuck in a rut although leaving what makes you unhappy is very liberating. That sheer feeling will also pass and then what?

We come to a point in our career lives where we just don’t feel valued, our talents and skills are not equally compensated, and we feel we are becoming very unhappy and frustrated. While quitting your job is one solution that can end all that; it has to be for the right reasons too, and with a solid back up plan so that you don’t find yourself in a string of stressful circumstances.

It is tempting to end the frustration by leaving your 9-5 job but make sure you have enough money saved or have established another passive income to replace your lost income for the time being. Having said that, maybe it’s also time to start that business you have in mind as a side hustle until you get your groove on with your sideline?

Think with an open mind and not when you are under duress or at the peak of your frustration because you will tend to regret your decision later on.

Speak to your family and friends, and seek their advice just to hear other thoughts and opinions you may have not even considered. At the end of the day, your decision will affect not only you but your family as well. So think about it a hundred times, practice the art of zen, and work on another way of having an income. Who knows, maybe you will be ready to leave that dreadful job in a few months with your chin up, and a fatter bank account.

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  1. I can somehow relate to this post. I quit my corporate job without any Plan B in place. My reason? The stress was too much and the toxic work environment has caused my diabetes to get worse. It was a choice – keep the job or value my health and well being. I chose the latter. It was difficult, but I was able to get a work from home job that I can do on my free time, and it pays just as much as what I was earning as a corporate slave.

    1. I wish I can do the same. But kudos for prioritizing your health over career. The company can always replace us but our families will need us more.

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