March 21, 2020
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How To Enjoy Your Family Time During Lockdown

We are already experiencing difficult times in the first quarter of 2020. Every country in this world is trying to keep its citizens’ protected against the spread of Covid-19. Many countries have already imposed stringent measures to ensure everyone’s safety and all we can do is obey.

Many schools have been ordered to close for a certain period of time way ahead of the season’s end terms. Many companies have also closed temporarily and some have already rolled out their work-from-home policies so their employees’ exposure will be limited as much as possible. And if you are one of the lucky ones who get to enjoy a work-from-home arrangement and if you are a student and happen to get home in time before all the lockdowns were imposed, then treat that particular time with your family a great, and enjoyable one while still practicing proper personal hygiene inside your own homes.

Here are some tips to help you enjoy your family time during a lockdown:

Binge-watch on Netflix

Once your home-schooling is done with the kids and you have already finished your daily work-from-home tasks, why not enjoy a nice family movie time with popcorn and fresh juices for everyone to enjoy. There are plenty of movies to watch on Netflix that are great for the entire family. Let the kids pick and do it alternately so you can also pick your family movie.

Play dress up

Some kids enjoy dressing up as their heroes or being royalties. Parents, join in the fun too and dress up like it’s Halloween in March! If you don’t have any costumes, that’s ok. If you happen to have matching pajamas for families, then fashion them like you are all walking the cat-walk as Lazy One models! It’s ok to be silly when you’re surrounded by family. 🙂

Do arts and crafts

Now is the right time to engage the little ones to make special cards for families and friends. Make them busy and perhaps have the young ones make Christmas cards as early as now. You can now save time and money by sending their special handmade cards with love to family and friends near Holiday Season. And you don’t have to rush by then. If you are crafty yourself, you can make some stuff that you can sell eventually like small lunch bags or tiny wears for pets or dolls. If you are into lettering, perhaps make some typography art and sell them in the future. The activity is endless when you’re doing arts and crafts!

Tend the garden

Just because you are in lockdown does not mean you cannot get fresh air and sun. If your property has a yard, get everyone out and stretch and help out with the garden. All of you will be doing exercise and the little ones will be learning gardening too. Tend your garden and prepare them for spring.

Read books

Grab a favorite place in your home and read a book. It will be nice to assign the kids to their own proper reading places so you can also have a good read with very few interruptions or none at all. Leave them their favorite snacks and healthy milk or chocolate drink so they can read continuously without interrupting you.

You see, there are many things a family can do at home without having to get bored. See the bright side of being at home with your family. You get to see each other and talk more and catch up with what’s happening with each other. Being at home during this testing time has also brought families closer. Be thankful for the time spent with your families while others have to be in the frontline to keep all of us safe.

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