March 11, 2020
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How To Keep Your Sleeping Baby Safe

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Once you become a parent, your primal instinct to protect your baby becomes the utmost priority. You will do everything in your power to ensure that your baby gets the love, and care he or she deserves. And protecting them from any form of harm comes in overdrive.

I remember being overly protected to my daughter especially when she was still a baby. I have read many resources on how to baby-proof the house, how to do infant CPR, how to ensure that everything was safe for the baby, and even took contact numbers of her pediatrician, the nearest hospital, and our families on standby in case an emergency arise. It just became normal as one becomes a parent. All these safety measures suddenly come to the fore especially during sleep time as babies become very vulnerable.
How can you protect your baby at all times in case you need to do something else and cannot be there the whole duration while they are asleep? Here are some tips to give you peace of mind and confidence to ensure that your baby is safe while asleep (and even while awake!).
Install a home camera
If you can afford to purchase a home security camera and wish to monitor your baby’s activity even while asleep, a home camera is your best bet to do just that. Not only can you view your baby while they are sleeping, but you will also be able to check on them regularly and it is even recorded.
Use a baby monitor
Not everyone can afford home security so use a baby monitor instead. Back in my time, CCTV was not very popular. You can only find them in banks and other establishments. So, I bought a baby monitor so I could hear my baby when she cried or make sudden movements in her crib. It is like a radio transmitter and it picks up sounds and relays on the receiver like a walkie-talkie.
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Use fitted sheet on the crib/bedding

Do not use a loose sheet as it may tangle on the baby when he or she moves. It is also advisable to remove any soft and loose objects from the crib or any nursery furniture that may entangle on your baby.
Use a day sleeper
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Day sleepers are like car seats for infants. It is a bit reclined and safe to place your baby even when they are asleep. Daydreamer sleeper like the one found in Kids Land are affordable and meet the highest standards set for infant’s safety.

Use a firm and sturdy mattress for your baby

A firm surface of a crib that does not fold when the baby is lying is a good choice for bedding. It should fit well in the crib and will not loosen that may suffocate your baby.
Do not co-sleep with your baby
If your baby is less than 4 months old, it is not recommended to have him or her sleep next to you in bed for fear of suffocation or you might accidentally press the baby.

Do not be away for too long

Make sure your baby is just near you even when they are asleep. Do not stay away for long. Be near enough that you can check on your baby regularly even if you have the convenience of a home security camera or baby monitor. Nothing beats a personal check-up.

Do not swaddle tightly

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If you see your baby trying to roll or squirming then you are swaddling your baby too tight. Swaddle just enough that your baby can still move his or her arms inside the swaddle and they can breathe freely.



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