April 6, 2020
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How to Display The Us Flag

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Many Americans show their allegiance to their country by displaying the American flag on their yard, on a post at home, by placing American flag decals on their vehicles and windows or wearing a flag lapel pins.

Many may not know the proper way of displaying the US flag, much as Americans show their loyalty and love to the United States of America. It is best to know this information to be sure that you are unintentionally defying the rules in place when you display the American flag because of a lack of information or guidance.

  • The American flag must not be flown during bad weather unless it is a Flags Unlimited brand USA flag which is made of all-weather materials.
  • Flags must be illuminated when displayed during night time.
  • Flags must be hug at half-mast in time of national mourning.
  • When displaying the flag at your home, the Union (blue part) must be at the peak of the staff. 
  • If you are displaying the flag inside your home or on a window, the Union part must be at the top-left part.
  • If you are displaying the flag on your vehicle, be sure to clamp the Union part on the right side of the staff to the right front of the fender.
  • If you are displaying the flag with another flag, the US flag must be placed on the left when it is on a crossed position.
  • Never let the flag touch anything on the ground.
  • It should be stored properly with the Union part showing.
  • When displaying more than one flag, the US flag must be in the middle.

Displaying the American Flag is a great honor and privilege to many citizens. And with the pride, comes with responsibilities too of ensuring the flag is not vilified in any shape, form, or manner.

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