May 21, 2020
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Review: DesignCap – Free Tool For Graphic Design

PearlMountain, the makers of FotoJet, DesignEvo, and many more graphics, video, and photo editing programs is here again with a simple yet very effective graphic design tool that even non-graphic people like myself have enjoyed using the free program.

DesignCap is a graphic design maker to help you create beautiful, striking, and innovative designs that you can present in social media, by print, or digitally. You can easily access the program on the web and no need for installation. So you can create your graphic designs and other projects while on the go!


Easy to use platform

One reason I stick to a program is the ease of use and design of the platform. I don’t like websites that are confusing and complex when there are simple ways of just displaying needed and frequently used features. DesignCap’s website design and flow is simple and straight-forward. You don’t have to guess what’s behind a tab that you will click

Categories tab

There are plenty of categories to choose from when you want to start your fresh graphic design project in DesignCap. There are project categories under marketing, events, social media.

Being a blogger and a vlogger, I make a lot of post images for my blogs and YouTube thumbnails for my travel vlogs. Checking what is in the categories offered in DesignCap makes my life very easy because I have plenty to choose from. 

DesignCap has a presentation, infographic, report, and poster amongst others for your business, office, or school presentations. In short, just click on the Categories tab to find the numerous projects you can start depending on what you need.

Ready-made templates you can edit

This feature is very appropriate for non-graphic designers nor illustrators person like myself. Having a ready-made template that I can customize and even replicate with my own wordings or chosen graphics help in making the design work easier. 

You don’t even have to be very adept in photo editing programs or must have knowledge in Adobe Illustrator to be able to edit your project in DesignCap because you can use the template and just replace the necessary elements you wish to change

Learning Center and Support

If you get stuck somewhere, there is a Learning Center and Support that you can access. I have tried other design programs available in the web but some sites are a bit difficult to navigate or even understand how each function works. With DesignCap, it is instinctive and really simple to use. Even then, you can still check resources, FAQs, tips, and a place to send your suggestions.

DesignCap is a free web program that you can access anywhere you are as long as you have internet or data access. Aside from that, you can upgrade to a Basic and Plus plans for extra features to use, more images to upload, and more designs to save.

I created a YouTube thumbnail for one of my travel vlogs. It was really easy to use and no many fuss. I managed to create this thumbnail in less than 5 minutes. It would have been probably less than that if I had not chosen the photo to use for my thumbnail from my hundreds of stored photos in the drive.

I highly recommend this to everyone who needs to use designing on their projects. You don’t need any manual at all to be able to start. You can make a plain project and build from there with the many design elements you can use, upload your own graphics or images, and with plenty of fonts and styles to help you make your project from ho-hum to wow!

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