June 18, 2020
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Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Tech-Savvy Dads

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Moms will take a side step to give way to the great fathers out there. It’s going to be Father’s Day in a few days and it’s their time to shine! Not that we, mommies, don’t want to share the spotlight to our better halves, but we do need to let the man of the house feel very special and appreciated.
There are plenty of gift ideas around the web for dads and husbands. Let’s just focus on the Tech-Savvy dads who are freakishly over-the-moon with tech and gadgets. This gift idea is for them.

Smart phone

Tech-savvy dads and husbands will be thrilled to get a new smartphone to tinker with and packed with features that they can utilize and enjoy for work, and home use. Many smartphones are now out in the market and with plenty of features that even laypeople like myself who only uses the phone for texting and calling and checking of emails, cannot help but be in awe with the many features.


Is your partner a shutter-bug? Maybe it’s time to surprise him with a nice camera he can use to capture those special moments in the family, snap on some nature’s beauty, take lots of pictures of your travels and adventures, and simply use to improve his photography skills. 

You can also add in some photo book for his old photographs to showcase his good eye for photography. Check some photo books from Minted and have them printed soon so you can add it as part of your Father’s Day gift.

Alexa device

Sometimes he needs some time to just chill and relax while enjoying his time at home with the family. Why not give him a voice-activated Alexa or other similar gadgets to help with small activities like playing a piece of nice music when asked, or giving the weather status without dad having to check the web for such. It will be awesome to ask this voice-activated gadget to play his favorite movies while enjoying his off day this Father’s Day with the help of Alexa’s smart features.


Maybe it is time to update his old tablet with a new version or upgrade to a different model with more features he can use for his day-to-day activity at home and at work. If he loves to doodle and make illustrations, iPad Pro is a good fit to exhaust that skill further. And the same tablet can do wonders with other business apps if he is into that.

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