June 2, 2020
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Practical Tips To Get Stylish Within Your Budget

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines stylish as having to conform to current fashion. And when we refer to the current fashion trending right now, it means seeing flashy outfits, wearing well-known brands of high-street fashion, accentuating with fine accessories, and strutting it all for everyone to see. Being stylish attributes to many factors like dressing up well, wearing the right accessories to highlight one’s clothing or body features, even wearing fancy outfits to stand out. However, many people get this wrong. 

A lot of women out there would love to be presentable by wearing fancy outfits that make them more confident. And when you buy fancy get-ups and accessories, you tend to make more unnecessary purchases that you should. Little do they know is that you can still be stylish and be very presentable without having to burn a big hole in your pocket.
And here are practical tips to help you be stylish within your budget.

Re-purpose old dresses

Do you have clothes that have been hanging in your closet for ages? Don’t leave them there to gather dust. Breathe new life to those dresses by repurposing them. It will be nice if you are an adept dressmaker because cutting them up to re-purpose for new clothing, say, a short mini dress, or make it a sleeveless one, then it will spare you from buying extra materials and paying labor cost for the repair. However, if you do not know how to sew, leave it to the professional dressmaker to make the amendments for you and your dress will look good as new, and different too!

Go to flea markets, garage sales or vintage stores

Do not get turned off with this practical tip because there are plenty of treasures to find in these kinds of sales. Aside from scoring nice pre-loved branded clothes, even an elegant floral dress, shoes, bags, and other accessories, you can sometimes haggle for the price. You also may even get free items if you get so lucky!

Sift through your mom’s and auntie’s closet

Yes! If I was only a bit slim, I could have fit in my mom’s and auntie’s old dresses and blouses that are not only beautiful but also classic and vintage! Ask permission if you can just get their old unwanted dresses and other articles of clothing and accessories from their storage. Not only are you helping in decluttering their closets and other storage spaces, but you are also getting some extra finds! And you can always sell the surplus to the flea market and vintage stores. You now have extra money to save for that next sale or just save the money for your future.

Buy from affordable online stores

The web is a vast universe of many great treasures and one of them is finding the right shop to buy your stylish clothing without spending a fortune. You don’t need branded clothes or accessories. All you need is a good eye for fashion and style. You can buy classic and plain colored clothes or black maxi dress casual and just mix and match so you look like you have plenty of stylish garments to wear. Avoid buying loud prints with the awful color combination, unless you are just good with playing with color themes.

Be confident with yourself

This one comes for free and only you can show that confidence within you. Own your style, love it, and be confident with your choices and style no matter if they are not branded and affordable. Being stylish does not have to cost you millions to look well-put-together within your means.

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