August 1, 2020
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Tips To Get Back On Track With Exercising

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Let’s admit it, exercising is not easy. I honestly feel uneasy and very uncomfortable when I workout because I am not as motivated as the others; I don’t like sweating, and I am partly lazy. And for the latter, that chunk of irresponsibleness is on me. But we also know that we need to be fit especially as we age. Our bodies are just like cars. It also needs to be maintained, regularly checked, and keep in good shape. If we don’t take care of ourselves now, then we will find ourselves neck-deep in medical bills, poor health, and even shorter life-span.

Here are a few tips to help you get back on track:

Think of “Health is Wealth”

The more you get sick because of poor health, the more you spend money. If you are regularly exercising and eating healthily then you help your body to keep fit. Some people may have a predisposition to get certain illness due to their genes as passed by their parents just like me, but I also remember my physician telling me, “you will get (illness name) no matter what, but it is up to you to delay it from happening.” And that is when he told me to exercise at least 20-30 minutes a day so I could sweat and to eat a balanced meal with just the right portions. So now, I am watching my sugar intake and starting to go back into regular walking. 

Save your money for something else. Take care of yourself now by eating well, and doing regular exercises no matter what kind it is to keep the heart rate going and burn calories.

Stay off the couch

Photo by Andres Jasso on Unsplash

I noticed that as soon as I come home from work, I change to my PJs, and gom straight to the couch and switch the TV on. If I am not watching, I am in front of the computer tinkering and checking emails and social media accounts. And those habits are not indicative of a healthy lifestyle. It is actually a very sedentary one and when you reach past 40, it is harder to burn calories than when you were half your age.

Now, I don’t switch my PC on as soon as I come home. I change into my jogging pants and shirt and do walks even while I am at home. There are plenty of walk-at-home programs you can follow if you check YouTube. I follow Leslie Sansone as she has various modes and levels of walking programs that you can do at the comfort of your home. Some are just 10 minutes short just to get your back on track, and others are 45 minutes. I started with doing 10 minutes for a week and moved to 15 minutes the next week, and now I do either 20 minutes or half an hour. And the great thing about her walking exercise is that she keeps you engaged and you will see elder participants in her show as well. If they can do it, so can you!

Be smart with your food choices

You don’t have to go on a crash diet or try other fad diets out there. All you need to do is to start choosing healthier options and minding the portions as well. I remembered my nutritionist who advised me to eat healthily by eating wisely. I don’t have to be scared of carbs, rather, have to choose the complex carbs found in some vegetables, grains, beans, and legumes. They break down slowly and keeping a steady blood sugar level, unlike other carbohydrates that let your blood sugar crash.

When snacking, you can opt for greek yogurt or dried fruits like apricots. Munch on almonds and some nuts that are also rich in omega fatty acid. You can also try subscribing for healthier meals and snacks sent to you while you are starting to resist the temptation of bingeing on processed foods. Try Vegan Snacks with UrthBox Today! This is a better choice than munching on highly processed chips.


Think of your family

One motivation that made me go back to exercising is my family. I felt guilty for being negligent with my own health whenever I see older photos of myself. My family has been encouraging me and it is actually my fault not following them. It is still not late but I have to really catch up on losing weight and keeping my motivation level high to stick to regular exercise.
Think of them, especially when you have a kid or children who will be devastated if they lose you. It may sound morbid but that thought really got me on my feet to engage in exercises. Just start gradually like baby steps. Take 10 minutes a day for a brief walk or do simple jumping jacks, or even hula hoop for a few minutes. Make sure you start moving and sweating.

Track you progress

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I track my progress as I go day by day so I know when I am falling off track and when my mood affects my ability to exercise. I put them in my Deluxe Monthly Planner .   It helps to remind me of my pitfalls and small victories. It helps in challenging me more to pursue my goal.

Prepare a “reward” when you reach your goal

Photo by Coco Tafoya on Unsplash

I told myself that I will buy myself a fancy bag (because that is my dream! I know it’s shallow) if I reach my healthy weight. I am not even closer to it but thinking about it and challenging myself to push for it makes me stick to the regimen. Think of something or anything that you really wanted but cannot have for now maybe because it is ridiculously expensive or it is just not a need at the moment.

Use it to motivate yourself. You can choose anything or even something that is not tangible like traveling! Think of that reward as another way to boost you to achieve your goals with your health.  Your hard work, patience, and determination deserves a reward and do not deprive yourself of that.


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