October 18, 2020

3 Packing Materials Online Sellers Must Use For a Secured Product

Being an online seller is not all about just selling on your website, shipping your products, filling your inventory, providing promotions, and balancing your books for accounting. There is one integral part of the whole process that makes selling a success –  the packaging.

Many online sellers tend to disregard the value of packing their products for delivery to buyers. It is very crucial that your goods arrive at the buyers in pristine condition, and the manner and material used for your packaging will surely make a big role in this success.

If you are just new in the online business of selling products, please take note of these tips in packaging to ensure that your products are kept secure from the moment your pack them, through transit, and to the day it is delivered to the hands of your customers.

Use bubble wrap for fragile items

Never place your fragile products wrapped in newspaper old papers in a box with shredded papers or foam peanuts. There may be a chance that something bigger or heavier may be placed on top of it and it will break your product.  Wrap it with a bubble wrap or to provide more air cushion around the product. This helps in providing added security from vibration, and impact.

Use bubble lined envelopes    

If you are shipping prints or framed items or other products that require protection, you may place them inside a bubble lined envelopes. Some envelopes have paper outer materials and others have poly mailers which I prefer as they can keep moisture out and can protect your product from the harsh elements of nature.  International Plastics is one of the leading manufacturer, importer, and supplier of these various packaging materials to help you ship your products in good condition.

Use all-weather poly mailers

This is a lightweight PE (polyethylene) material perfect for non-fragile items. It is best to use for shirts, paper products, small accessories, CDs, and many more. This poly mailer can be well secured by an adhesive, and you can even have custom printed poly mailers to showcase your company’s logo and details.

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