December 3, 2020
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Review – Recordcast Free Online Screen Recorder

I have been on the lookout for a free screen recorder for my desktop but have not found something that is quite easy to use. And I tried the Recordcast and I am convinced that this could be the easiest one to record something on your desktop out there.

Why I like it:

Simple and easy to use

Aside from the ease of use of this web app, the Recordcast Free Online Screen Recorder does not have to show any manual to be able to figure out how to use the features. When I initially used it, I just went straight to recording something on my screen without even having to read anything on how to use it. It is very intuitive and simple to use. Perhaps, even kids can use it for their online school demo or when showing their assignments to their teacher via Recordcast. It’s that easy


It is one of the free resources on the web and it does the work that I want to do. There is no hidden charges here, 100% free to use.

No watermark

Aside from it being free, it does not have any watermark too so it is perfect when you need to do presentations or tutorials or just about anything with the use of Recordcast.

No need to download

It is a web app so you can access it anywhere you go as long as you have a wifi connection and a PC or laptop where you can work on.

Audio can be included in your recording

I find this very remarkable as I have the option to record my screen and record my audio simultaneously too without having to use another app to do the dubbing or voice over later on.

It has video editor too

The free app also has a free video editor tool you can use when you are done with your recording. You can add titles, endings, add text, music, background and more.

You can download/save your recordings

Unlike other apps, you can freely save your recordings after you edit them using Recordcast. And it is very simple. You just choose download

What I don’t like:

It is a very useful free screencast tool out there and I can certainly not ask for more. 

My recommendation:

It is a powerful free web app and it is perfect for students, tutors, teachers, for use in presentations, business, tutorials, and many more. I wish I had discovered these before so I could have prepared my business presentations to show to my family and friends. But now that I am able to use it for many purposes with the ease of its features and functionalities, I am happy to recommend this to all with its broad range of uses.

This program is developed by PearlMountain. PearlMountain Limited has focused on the research and development of Graphics & Multimedia software since 2006. They aim to make professional graphic design and video production capability accessible to everyone. Their products have millions of users spreading over 100 countries and areas. And I have been reviewing and using their products for a long time now and I am satisfied with their programs.

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