March 22, 2021
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What is an Air Tumble Mat?

Tumble mats are widely used in gymnastics, martial arts, cheerleading practices, dance, yoga, and other athletic sports. A tumble or tumbling mat is a stretch of padded material to help soften the landing of users.  It also serves as a joint protector as it cushions the impact of landing. And because of that, it puts less stress on your joints, ligaments, and bones as well.

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The tumble mat must be made of hardy materials, for example, the shell can be made out of rubber, and highly durable vinyl. Any of these outer shell materials need to be non-porous as the mat’s inner part is made of foam. However, there is another type of tumble mat where instead of foam, air is the main component.  This is called the air tumble mat. Just like the normal tumbling mat, the air tumble track mat has an outer shell but the material used is highly durable and similar to inflatable boats as the shell needs to retain the air inside whilst being used and bounced on a hundred times by athletes, gymnasts, and many more.

One company in the US that supplies and makes top-quality and very durable air tumble mat is Tumblemat. They have been serving loyal and new clients with their top-of-the-line air tumble mats. Their mats have been tested rigorously to ensure that each mat meets the highest standard and quality set by the industry before they are shipped out of their factory. Aside from that, each mat goes through a 16-hour blowing test and pressure to check on the airtight seal.  All air tumble mat set purchased from Tumblemat is covered with a 2-year warranty and free repair kits.

Photo credit: is the official website of the Air Tumble Mat. The site is very easy to navigate through with its clean design. You can easily find their products just but clicking on the “All Products” tab on their main header.  The company’s website processes and accepts Paypal and Credit card payments. Shipment is free and they do ship worldwide!

If you are looking at upgrading your tumble mat in school, gymnasium, or health clubs, or even want to purchase one for your home, is the site to go to!

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