July 5, 2021
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Portrait Pro Studio 21: An Easy Portrait Enhancement Software For Everyone

If you’re tired of using Photoshop to edit your portrait or close-up photos to get a decent edited project, you are in for a nice surprise! 

Photoshop is the only famous software I know that has professional photo editing features. I use Picmonkey to play on my photos but the result is not as stellar as the output of Photoshop but the latter is very expensive and you need to have a subscription to be able to fully use its features to get a decent photo editing job done. Let me tell you about this other software that I have tried which really surprised me because it has very nice features to use when editing close-ups and even other photos. 

Portrait Pro Studio 21 software is from Anthropics. It is fairly straightforward to use and the many choices for enhancing a photo are so fun to try. I have tried to update my old ID photo using this software and I am amazed at what it can do to improve the quality of the older photo. I am very happy to even try out the face enhancement features where I can apply make-up, narrow down my cheeks and jaw lines, and even improve my skin tone. There is so much to do with this software and I am still finding more pleasant surprises.


Facial enhancement using sliders where you can “sculpt” the contour of the face, including the eyes, nose, and mouth

Realistic digital make-up so your face will pop with colors depending on your selected make-up views

Presets for those who don’t want to manually edit the photo using the various tools and this is probably the easiest way to enhance the photo

Child mode selections where you can edit a child’s face subtly using only the required tools, leaving your workspace clutter-free

File can be saved in .jpg, .tiff, .png formats

Has Help menu with various topics to help you use the software to its maximum potential

Has “tips” dialogue box on the screen that you can hide or show as you wish

Replacement of background for those boring, lack-luster background

Shows you the before photo alongside the after with enhancements or while still being edited so you can compare and see the difference

Noise tool to remove noise while maintaining the integrity of your original photo

History tool to allow you to check back on the actions done and go back to an earlier state leaving other modifications untouched

For someone who is not really into photo editing, I find this software very helpful and has the features that I usually find in Photoshop. If something can beat PS, I would have to say that it is that tool when it comes to photo enhancement.

You may purchase the full licensed version of this software to use all of the features. Otherwise, you can still do simple photo enhancements with their free version. Either way, you are still getting a good result from your simple projects. However, for heavy editing and enhancements, the full feature will be ideal to use.

Anthropics, the maker of this software is currently offering promotions on the site. Head on to Anthropics (https://www.anthropics.com/offers/) to know more about the offers to avail.

I highly recommend you to use this software for your projects. It is easy to use and understand. When I find myself stuck in a certain tool, I just refer to the help menu and look for a topic that is relevant to what I wanted to do. I know that even those who are not tech-savvy will find the Portrait Pro Studio 21 software worthy to use.

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