August 10, 2021

How to Deal with Back-to-Back Work Application Rejections

Being unemployed at this very challenging time is difficult. That is not even an understatement. Imagine if you are in your late 40’s and applying for a job you are very capable of doing or even similar to what you have been doing and yet, you get rejected, left, right, front, back, and center. It just hits you everywhere, one after the other. that is not a very pleasant experience, Surely, you begin to wonder if you are not good enough when you have a long list of skills that are highly beneficial and transferable to any industry you wish to move in.

That is not the case anymore. With the advent of those “bots” that filter CVs before it reaches the “human eyes,” you may wonder what is the point of calling it Human Resources when even the most qualified candidates can be siphoned out by this Applicant Tracking System (ATS) bot. Anyway, that is for another topic. Let’s just focus on how to deal with the never-ending rejections because that definitely affects our mood and even our belief in ourselves. And that’s not good…

Ask for feedback if you happen to get through an interview and was not selected

It is good to know where you can improve so you can prepare yourself better for the next one. Not all companies will reply to you if you do ask for feedback but as an applicant, you have the right to know because it will help you work on your communication skills or presentation or how you carry yourself during the interview. 

Re-write you CV

Perhaps you need to re-present yourself in a different way by re-writing your CV. There are plenty of professional CV writers who can make one for you that is also ATS-friendly and can give you a good chance of beating those “bots” when you submit your new CV. There are also free templates available that you can follow as long as you know how to use the proper keywords that will make your CV stand out from the competition.

Personally, I would get the paid service of professional CV writers because they can re-phrase my work description in a way that will cater to my proposed or targeted position if I were changing my career path. They also know how to incorporate keywords that can beat the ATS when you submit your CV on online job portals.

Keep on moving with your application

Never lose momentum on your job search because the next one might be the one! Don’t let the last rejection throw you off course in your search for employment. Learn from your previous applications and adjust your job search accordingly. Try emailing directly to the hiring manager rather than go through the online job portals. These hiring managers are the ones who have the authority to say who they want to accept and they have the budget for the position. Research companies with hiring and if you can find some employees in LinkedIn or other directories with their emails, then write the hiring manager of your intention to be considered as an applicant for the position advertised in XYZ. Another tip will be to search for the best head hunters in your country and send your CV there. These head hunters have a very wide network and are often enlisted by multinational companies to do the talent search for them. Make sure that you write your Cover Letter as well to indicate your achievements and contributions that are relevant to the job role you are applying for.

Take note of the job responsibilities and competencies of your target position and improve on them

I must have applied to hundreds of companies already since April 2021. I have not been lucky yet. However, I have been checking all the core competencies and job task descriptions of my past applications and have noted common denominators that I may not be strong with, competency-wise. So I started doing online courses and watching YouTube tutorials on competencies that I believe will push my candidacy even better. Try signing in at LinkedIn Learning for free for a month. You can always end the subscription before the end of the free trial. And keep yourself busy with online courses to help build on your knowledge and skills. There are plenty of other EdTech sites available but most of them are paid. Here are just a few of the EdTech sites which offer free courses:

Future Learn



United National e-Learning Courses

So far, I have only received 2 interviews, and 3 failed online assessments. The rest were rejections after rejections after rejections. It breaks my heart but I have to keep pushing because giving up is not my end goal.

Don’t beat yourself down

Easier said than done and I am very guilty of this. The more I beat myself down with my doubting thoughts, the more I “affirm” that I am not good enough and that is a big No! You don’t deserve to be beaten down. It is tempting to feel broken and defeated because that is the normal reaction when getting rejected but remember, you and I will find that one company that will give us that chance. It’s just that the time and the right one are not yet on the horizon.

When you beat yourself down, you chip away the confidence you need to make it through this tough time. I have read this one on LinkedIn, in one of those moments where I beat myself down but seeing this quote made me realize that “Every rejection is a re-direction.” And I always remind myself that I will get my turn someday. So when a new rejection email comes in, I just check from which company and delete and move on to my next application.

Meditate and pray

Nothing beats a tired heart and mind than a quiet time of meditation and a prayer for strength, guidance, and gratitude because despite what is happening around us, we are alive. The mere fact we are breathing, and living is already a blessing. 

I subscribed to this YT Channel to give me more inspiration and meditation tips while I pray and give thanks for the blessings. I pray for strength and wisdom that I may find my way around and be where I should be.

Check this YT Channel and subscribe:

Prayers and Meditations For You

Be strong and keep on moving. The competition is really tough but that doesn’t mean you are not capable and competent enough to hold a job. You can and you will. it is just a matter of time and sheer determination and you will soon find yourself working your dream job, perhaps in your dream company too! Good luck to us who are seeking employment! May the “new” offer come very soon and may it be more rewarding than the last one.

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