August 23, 2021

The Importance of Checking Expiry Date on Food Products

Have you ever experience buying something from the grocery like a cut of mortadella and you shoved it in your ref and completely forget about it? That has happened to me several times. Guess what, when you finally remember that you actually bought a mortadella, you see a product that has already become moldy even when it is still unopened. That is not a good sight but it can be avoided if we learn to check on expiry dates and consume food products by their “best before” date.

There are plenty of consumers who do not bother checking expiry dates on food products they purchase, especially the wet ones like frozen goods, fresh meats/poultry/fish, and cooked meals. Honestly, I sometimes feel guilty because I tend to just buy without even checking labels for production and expiry dates. And why is this important? 

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It is mandated by the Food regulatory board

The government body that ensures food are safe and remains safe for consumption mandates all manufacturers to include production and best before date to indicate their freshness, quality and safety to be consumed. Other products may still be safe after the expiry date but that does not apply to all food products. Other food products have stricter expiration date due to their nature like fresh produce.

To prevent food poisoning

This is a very crucial reason why sticking to the expiry date is ideal as some food may pose danger when they go past the best before date. It is a good reminder to everyone when a food is still safe for eating. And if you are one of those microbiologist, if you get a sample of an expired food then you may find harmful bacteria under the Inspection Microscope. The expiry dates will prevent you from ingesting something that may cause vomiting, diarrhea, and even fever.

To keep its quality and taste

Food products consumed within its validity period can still maintain quality and taste. Some expired food products tend to taste a bit bland and may lose their firmness and quality when they go slightly over the best before date. And Digital Inspection System are in place to allow manufacturers to produce high quality food products that are safe for everybody’s consumption.

Next time you visit the market, always check on the production and expiry date to ensure your safety and enjoy the food’s taste and quality.

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